Laser Hair Growth Comb Treatment Hair Loss Regrowth Massager Therapy Infrared Stimulator Device Laser Comb Head Massager

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Suitable for seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, physical alopecia, chemical hair loss, postpartum hair loss in women, female menopause hair loss, sub-health alopecia, poor head and head and blood circulation, hair follicle obstruction, root dystrophy, brain Excessive hair loss caused by excessive hair loss.

1. Accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp and promote metabolism
Low-power lasers can increase blood circulation in the forehead by 20-30%, and top-of-the-head results in 40-60%. Therefore, the laser can help improve blood circulation, so that oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicle to prevent hair loss.
2. Stimulating hair follicles
The low-power laser can effectively stimulate the hair follicles, improve the immunity of the hair follicles, and activate 83% of the hair follicles in the hibernation state to activate the active period to reduce hair loss and hair regeneration.
3. Regulate oil secretion function
Excessive secretion of oil is also the cause of hair loss. Excessive secretion of oil is caused by swelling of the sebaceous glands! The excessive accumulation of dihydropurine (DHT) and oleic acid and linoleic acid in the oil will cause the hair follicle to shrink or even shrink. Eventually lead to hair loss. A low-power laser can reduce the sebum line, reduce and control oil secretion, and improve hair loss.
4. Promote scalp health, improve hair

When the low-power laser illuminates the scalp hair follicle, it can increase the hair growth and strengthen the tightness, density and elasticity of the hair, making the hair black and shiny.

1. Press the on/off key to start. At this time, there is acupuncture, ozone, and infrared output. Use the center of the affected area as the reference point. Place the ozone emission place on the affected area for 5 to 10 seconds.
2. After the middle part has completed the treatment, move the reference point of the ozone emission station backward by 1 cm and press for another 5 to 10 seconds;

3. Intensively press for about 10 minutes to stimulate all affected areas.

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20 reviews for Laser Hair Growth Comb Treatment Hair Loss Regrowth Massager Therapy Infrared Stimulator Device Laser Comb Head Massager

  1. E***a

    Packing is crumpled, but everything is in working order. Massager and leds work.

  2. J***a

    Give 5 stars because the product arrived very quickly and equal product combined. Thank You and good business. Joaquim Ferreira 22-02-2019

  3. Customer

    good quality products with low price. very relaxing massages your hair scalped.

  4. A***o

    Delivery is fast, less than a month. Pearl soft pink color. Beautiful as in the picture. Packed in foam and bag, but everything is working. Batteries not included (2 finger). Vibrates in both modes (for me too much. When running light bulbs could remove vibration)

  5. M***k

    Otrimala schitka. All працює, світить laser yak in описі і здійснює вібруючий massage голови. Після використання, відчувається heat і приплив крові to шкіри голови, Tim himself покращується ріст і якість волосся. Дякую продавцю.

  6. J***a

    Like the picture, I didn’t try it yet

  7. Customer

    Please tell me how to put battery

  8. Customer

    Arrived on time, look whether’s what brings 🙂

  9. T***s

    All good

  10. B***n


  11. S***l

    Ordered it at 20th April and received it at 30th April. Very happy! Good luck at every second!

  12. Customer

    Quite practical and useful. I didn’t give you 5 stars because the store sent me the brush without the box, which however appears in the sales announcement, the worst thing about this is that neither did the instructions nor the laser type certificate come, On the brush on the other hand also does not attach the laser light warning label, where the type and power of the same is indicated, all of this makes me think it’s possible that it’s not laser leds but normal red light, These are also useful and effective but less than laser and in any case if the brush does not it should not be advertised as such. The vibration is quite strong and it is relaxing. The description also states that there is ozone release, it is not true: only infrared, vibration and doubtful whether laser or chromotherapy with red color. Still, for the price the product has, it is worth it in my opinion. Seller service is acceptably good, shipping made it fast

  13. S***a

    Cleaning without packaging

  14. A***a

    Super! Super comb! Super shipping! Super head massage! Delivery to st. petersburg via finland 11 days. Everything works. The comb really liked. I highly recommend both store and product. Seller, thank you! 100 stars!!!!

  15. P***k

    Can’t open yet to get the batteries in. once I open I’ll be back with additional feedback, which may take a minute because I wanna see if this product REALLY works.

  16. M***A

    After using the product for one week The head is paining

  17. D***d

    It came quickly, the packaging is so-so, but everything is working. About the results later unsubscribe

  18. Customer


  19. K***a

    Unfortunately, there is no instructions for use.

  20. E***a

    The brush works. Came without batteries, the store said about it. Delivery is fast, courier to the apartment. It is a pity that they send without a factory box. Bought as a gift… but how to give now i do not know, half the bristles are crumpled.

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